Honourary Life Membership

2024 Nomination Form: due by February 1st, 2024

For outstanding and dedicated service to Business Studies in Ontario, Honorary Life Membership shall be awarded to a retired member of the Organization who is deemed by the Nominating Committee to have made a substantial contribution to the Organization and to Business Education in the Province.

The following teachers have earned honourary life memberships to the OBEA.

Toni O’Connor, Thames Valley DSB
Zenobia Omarali, Toronto DSB
Joan Richardson
Suzanne Rolland
Bill Velos, Toronto DSB

2021: not awarded (Covid-19)

2020: not awarded (Covid-19)

Carol Allmendinger
Fern Lackenbauer, DSB of Niagara
Emilia Marotta-Kulcsar, York Region DSB
Lucy Scarmato, Toronto DSB
Michael Vandepoele, Avon Maitland DSB

Lorie Guest Waterloo DSB
Kevin Johnstone, Avon Maitland DSB
Sherry Mason, Avon Maitland DSB
Dan Pasic, Thames Valley DSB


Bruce Mckay, Toronto DSB
Lucio Pavone, Near North DSB
Oreste Reda


Rosy Nadalin Kennedy, York Region DSB
Wai Lau, York Region DSB
John Pownall, York Region DSB
Cindy Ranieri, York Region DSB
Al Samsa, Halton DSB
David Thairs, Toronto DSB
Wilma Van Segbrook, Waterloo Region DSB
Susan Young, Avon Maitland DSB


Kathi Bogue, Thames Valley DSB
Jeff Balch, Thames Valley DSB


Rosemary Bartlett, Thames Valley DSB
Joan Harrison, Thames Valley DSB



Peter McAsh, Avon Maitland DSB
Roy Parteno