Robert Hillmer Award

2024 Nomination form – due February 1st, 2024

The Robert Hillmer Award is presented annually to an outstanding Business Educator. Mr. and Mrs. George Hillmer originally donated funds for this award to the Ontario Business Educators’ Association in memory of their late son, Robert. OBEA is proud to continue the tradition of this award for over 50 years. This is the highest honour awarded by OBEA and it represents a career-long contribution to education focusing on professional leadership in the school, the Board, the community, and the province. Nomination forms are sent to the Directors of Education of every Board, and, as well, they are available on the OBEA website. Any member of OBEA can nominate a worthy candidate for this prestigious award.

Robert Hillmer Award - Greg Cawsey - Upper Grand DSB

2019 Robert Hillmer Award – Greg Cawsey, Upper Grand DSB

The following outstanding educators have earned the Robert Hillmer Award.

2022  Karen Bond
2021  not awarded (Covid-19)
2020  not awarded (Covid-19)
2019  Greg Cawsey
2018  Lorie Guest
2017  Kathi Bogue
2016  Natalie Gerster
2015  Rosy Nadalin Kennedy
2014  Lynda Anstett
2013  Laura Pinto
2012  Al Samsa
2011  Ron Robinson
2010  Zenobia Omarali
2009  Don Lawrence
2008  Wai Lau
2007  Lucio Pavone
2006  Leonard Bulmer
2005  Doug Metler
2004  Linda Brown
2003  Madeline Dennis
2002  Cathy Pitt
2001  Betty Tamas
2000  Bill Costiniuk
1999  Dorothy Higgs
1998  Muriel Berry
1997  Phil Houston
1996  Andrew Hamilton
1995  Alan Renner
1994  Liz Revell
1993  Brian Childs
1992  Sandra Tuttle
1991  Khalid Kokar
1990  John Kwekkeboom
1989  Lori Cranson
1988  Lennox Borel
1987  Helen Mogyorody
1986  Ruth Kirk
1985  Margaret Stewart
1984  Lois Tarnia
1983  Avanell Scherer
1982  George Syme
1981  Bill McAdam
1980  Terry Murphy
1979  Esther Scott
1978  Mary Parfitt
1977  Madeline Elliott
1976  Evelyn McNaughton
1975  Margaret Anderson
1974  Victor D’Amico
1973  Muriel Dennis
1972  Philip Mazonne
1971  Dorothea McInnes